When app builds in Fusetools, it just shows whitescreen instead of the app

I just started a new app, and when it builds successfully, its just a white screen. I found another thread talking about this, and used uno build -r -tdotnet and it does run and the app builds and displays correctly in that outside window, but in that thread there was never a solution to solving the original problem. Obviously that was for fuse 1.0.1, and it has come a long way since then, am I missing something? I would much rather have live updates on my app rather than having to re-run that console command each time, as well as I would like to try out the layout editor that Fuse offers.

Hey Caleb, FYI, you gotta give us more info and perhaps some code?

Which fuse version, system OS, target mobile OS, command used, etc.

A white screen could be a missing splash, but since its a new app, could be a missing tag in your code.

I am running Windows 10, Fuse version is the latest, so v1.9.0, its set on iPhone 6/7 as the preview. The command was just to build normally, except the command I run to make it work on a separate preview which is ‘uno build -r -tdotnet’ I believe. And my code, it is basically the bare bones just a MainView ( I don’t know if you want me to link it because I dont remember how to make it look like code in here but I’ll put it below irregardless), and then just 2 pages that only have plain text on them.

Here is main view:


<Router ux:Name=“router” />


<Navigator DefaultPath=“welcome”>

<Welcome ux:Template=“welcome” router=“router” />

<Login ux:Template=“login” router=“router” />




I think its your preview command, have you tried the local preview command?
fuse preview -t=Local

I just tested this and it worked, try it and see if you can see anything with either commands.


	<Router ux:Name="router" />

		module.exports = {
			gotoFirst: function() { router.goto("firstPage"); },
			gotoSecond: function() { router.goto("secondPage"); }

			<Navigator DefaultPath="firstPage">

				<Page ux:Template="firstPage">
					<Text Alignment="Center">This is the first page.</Text>
				<Page ux:Template="secondPage">
					<Text Alignment="Center">This is the second page.</Text>
			<Grid Dock="Bottom" Columns="1*,1*">
				<Button Text="First page" Padding="20" Clicked="{gotoFirst}" />
				<Button Text="Second page" Padding="20" Clicked="{gotoSecond}" />



Just ran that command, and still got this.ScrnShot

Hmm, seems to be a Windows 10 issue.

Here’s some things you could try: https://windowsreport.com/opengl-problems-windows-10

Perhaps copying the OpenGL file to the fuse installation directory will work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JQoEZjSA40

I see you have OpenGL 4.6 from Nvidia, maybe its too advanced lol

If all else fails, you could still:

  • build a preview for your device: fuse preview -t=Android or fuse preview -t=iOS
  • download fuses preview app (You can use the preview app as long as your project only contains UX markup, JavaScript and the standard Fuse packages, but excluding Fuse.PushNotifications): Android or iOS

Hmm, yeah those didnt work. So I guess my new computer is just a bit too advanced. Hopefully as Fusetools updates it’ll work again.

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