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Fuse preview build without errors but show only white screen

Hello. I used fusestudio, but now I changed my laptop and have this problem. I have Windows 10. I installed JDK, Android Studio with SDK. But all fuse application that i run show in log:
Configuring 1.59 s
Compiling syntax tree 1.77 s
Generating code and data 2.32 s
Build completed in 5.69 seconds
And then white screen. Can anybody help me?

Hi there,

Which version of fuse and fuselibs are you using?

How are you building/testing the app? (show us the command so we can see exactly what you’re trying to test on)

Install this release https://github.com/fuse-open/fuse-studio/releases/tag/1.10.0-rc1 and run ```
npm install @fuse-open/fuselibs. When I try to start any sample app i get white screen.


When i run fuse build -tdotnet -r i get


  1. Uninstall videocard driver;
  2. Restart notebook;
  3. Install latest driver on official site of video card (not driver for video card on notebook site !!!)