Apps are not working after build

Hello, Im still learning how to use fuse so I make one basic app after each other. However i have so far 2 apps that works nice in preview but doesnt work after build. Here are my 2 projects with info, where is the problem. - (main.js / 37) - when this function, app crashes and cannot be run again. Works without problem in preview - I have a .json with some colors, icons etc. which are pulled by the current weather situation. Works nice in preview on android, in builded version the text is not changing its color, it is white, the background is white but icon work.

I have no idea where the problems could be. Maybe it is my code, maybe it is while the app is being built.

Windows 10

Fusetools v. 0.25.1

Tested on : Sony XPERIA Z, Lenovo TAB 2 A10, Android emulator on windows 10

Could someone please look and my code and help me to find what did I do wrong or where the problem could be? I would appreciate it a lot.

EDIT : Looks like my weatherApp does work in 0.25.5 / ToDo still crash


Did you try Fuse 0.26 ?

Are you getting any error messages over ADB ?