Webview on IOS doesn't work with links that target a new tab or window

If a link within a page loaded via a Webview in IOS (And possibly Android?) has a “Target” tag, so it opens in a new tab or window, clicking it does nothing.

For a use case, just run the example Webview code: https://www.fusetools.com/learn/fuse#keyword-webview with a page that contains links that open in new windows. (My site is http://geodigs.com, with all the example sites listed opening on new windows.)

Thank you,

Peter Janett


WebViews does not support tabs per se. What are you hoping will happen?

I guess the best thing would be to open the link in the existing Webview, but what I am confident about is that SOMETHING should happen when a link is clicked in a webview. I guess an error or warning to the user that the link attempted to open a new app or window, or a way for Fuse developers to catch it and warn our users would work.

I believe another Fuse user said it’s not an issue on Andriod devices with Fuse, so maybe look at how to unify both.

I’m just concerned if some links don’t work at all, that my clients and/or users will think the app is not working correctly, so I’m hoping to have a way to program around the issue.

Thanks so much for looking into this!

Peter Janett

I’ve created an issue and someone here at Fuse will investigate what can be done.

Thanks for your input on this!

I just ran into this issue myself.

In my scenario, I’m pulling in HTML data from a Wordpress post and displaying it in a WebView, but there’s a link targeting a new tab/window, so it just does nothing at all.

I would expect it to load the link in the WebView anyway, or potentially even switch to Safari and open the link there if that’s even possible. As of right now though, I’m in a similar boat as the original poster here in that it could make me look bad with my client.

My workaround is to add javascript to the HTML to change the target attributes on links to “_self”.