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Multiple questions

Hi there!

Hope you can help me with the following:

  • first of all I have the problem that when I open a webview and select another link on that page, this link won’t open. Not inside the webview and not as seperate browser. Does someone know how to fix this?
  • Secondly, I want to show sponsored companies on the front page of the app. Those sponsors need to be retrieved from internet. When someone clicks on a sponsor, it must open a link to the sponsors website. What I have thus far is showing the image/logo and being able to click on it. But when I want to click on it and open the website it keeps giving me an error that the Observable is empty. I think this is because I use another JavaScript code block on the page for the click event. My question: is it possible to get the value of an Observable inside a new JavaScript code block?

Those are my questions for now. I really hope someone can help me. It would be really great!

Thanks in advance!

  • Nick van Kesteren

You can use FuseLauncher to launch web browser: FuseJS/InterApp Module (JS) - Fuse Documentation

Hi! Thanks for your answer.

I’m already using this way to open the links. But the problem is that (for example) in thing number 2 the url data needs to be retrieved from internet, and even though I am using an Observable, the “InterApp.launchUri” function gives an error that the given URL is empty. How can this be fixed?

Are you trying to implement some kind of deep link? I’m sorry but it is hard to understand if there’s no example code. If you have some small reproducible code of your problem to share with, it will help me to understand.


I’ll prepare some code to show you what I mean.

In the mean time, maybe you can solve my other problem… I have a page in my app which opens a webview inside the app. This works fine. But when someone tries to go to an other page inside that webview (by clicking on a link inside the webpage) the browser gives an error that the website is not available. Why is this and how can you achieve linking inside the webview?