WebView HTML target="_blank"

Hello, how could I do this: I want to have a link with an ‘a html tag’ with the attribute target="_blank" on it, in an HTML web page that I am showing on a webview in a Fuse APP. But the thing is that, when I see that webpage in the webview fuse app, and I click on a link, the linked page do not open in the native web browser, it opens insede de webview (in the fuse app), how could I do to have a link in the HTML code, that I could open in a webview fuse app, that when I click on it open the linked new page outside de webview fuse app… Thank you

_blank is not supported --there is no standard behavior saying a new window in a webview should be the native browser. Custom URI scheme handling is a feature of an upcoming release that will let you create your own URLs and capture them in a javascript handler, which you can then use with InterApp to launch an external browser. Stay tuned for that :slight_smile:


Until this is supported by the framework, take a look at this workaround:

Just ran into the same issue and thought to post about it.
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