IOS webview _target doesn't work

when i click image which likes

not open window is okay, because i know fuse webview doens’t support tab or automatic interapp to another browser but it doesn’t create any event signal to handler in IOS(android is working) i intend to add urlchanged handler to url, so when popup url is detected use InterApp to open it another browser, but no signal = can’t handle it i think it can solved by html change


before it loading but i don’t have knowledge for this. can anyone to solve it?


Can you share minimal reproduction code, so we can copy-paste and run?

i can’t share my real site and full code, but i write some code original question
but i notice that my text code isn’t showing because of html error i write code few lines but isn’t showing
i really hate this text editor

anyway i create very simple temp code, and find site which using target="_blank"> tag
i think this is very simple and widely used error,

when i click some link
then url log is showing
but when i click link which has target="_blank" tags
then nothing happen
no log created
(but android is supporting)
i want just want change original html codes to replace target="_blank" to target="_self"( i create this function very badly, )
so remove all _blank in html and i can click html to open url


		var Observable = require('FuseJS/Observable'),
		url = Observable('');

		function onUrlChanged()

		module.exports = {
				url: url,
		    onUrlChanged: onUrlChanged
		<WebView Url="{url}" UrlChanged="{onUrlChanged}"/>


I have created issue ticket.
Meanwhile you can try workaround from this post.

Hope this helps.

i know that post, and that doesn’t help me.

i write above that

target="_blank" html tag(in IOS) doesn’t create url changed event
so above post’s “url changed” trigger doesn’t effect
and what i need to is how to solve that

so what i need is, when i load page which has “_blank”
it automatically change to “_self” tag
so it create signal
and i can handle it