Include local html within webview not working (WebView requires a mobile target)


I am trying to load my HTML in a webview within Fusetools however I don’t seem to be doing it right?

This is my app code:

In the root of my app I have included my player.html file and all of the assets however I am getting a WebView requires mobile target error.

What could be causing this as I don’t see anything in the docs?

Your help is appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Ben! As the error message you quote says, WebView only works on native targets (as in: when deploying to or previewing on an Android or iOS device :slight_smile:

As in: it won’t work on the desktop simulator.

This would be great to add a WebKit view to the desktop target. I know you guys are focusing on IOS and Android, but the preview seems like it would work great for desktop apps!

Elliot: WebView as a fallback for <WebView> in desktop preview is in the roadmap but not prioritized right now :slight_smile:

I was trying to make this ( work and couldn’t understand why it failed. Turns out, no WebView on local simulator :wink: what would you recommend? Always test on device?

@cyril: correct - WebViews are native views and only render on devices. :slight_smile: