WebViews don't get removed properly when navigaing

  • Fuse version 1.3.0 (build 14520)
  • OS: macOS Sierra (10.12.6)
  • Tested devices: iPhone SE with latest iOS, iPhone 7 with latest iOS
  • Bug reproduced in both preview and release mode

Hello Fuse team,

we’re currently recreating an existing app for a customer using Fuse and hit a bug while preparing for launch.

We use some WebViews for displaying website content and noticed a problem when navigating around: Sometimes the WebViews won’t get removed, but instead move around the viewport and get rendered in our app’s sidebar navigation. They’re also useable in this state, like moving the page around.

For reference:

Steps to reproduce:

  • Clone and open the example app on a device (we have only tested it with iOS so far)
  • Tap on “Open Browser”. This navigates to a second route containing a WebView.
  • Tab on the back button in the upper left. The app navigates back to the initial view.
  • Open the right sidebar by tapping the menu button (bottom right) or swiping from the right border to the left.

Expected result:

  • The sidebar should open, only with it’s defined contents in Rightbar.ux (only a Text in the demo)

Current result:

  • The WebView is visible and usable.

Is this a problem on our side or a problem with Fuse/NativeViewHost? If the latter, is there a workaround we could use like clearing the navigation when using back()?

Thank you in advance

Hi Tramino.

This is not a bug at all, but just how NativeViewHost works. The inconvenience is clear, but luckily there are workarounds. As an example, see this solution to a very similar problem, just with a MapView.

Hope this helps!

Hi Uldis,

thank you for the quick response. This solved our problem. :slight_smile:

Fantastic, happy to have helped. Fuse on!