Using native Objective-c and Java code


Is there any way to use native code that was written in Obj-c and Java in a Fuse application. Let’s say I already have some buisness logic written for both iOS and Android and I don’t want to rewrite. Also, I have custom controls written in both obj-c and java for both iOS and Android - and would like to make use of them.

Is it possible? Thanks


There is a shiny feature right around the corner that will let you do precisely that :slight_smile: Stay tuned!


Glad to hear this shiny feature is right around the corner. A friend came across FuseTools today while researching options for an app we’re building and we were both thoroughly impressed but found lack of support for native components to be a blocking factor in our desire to use this tool.

Are you able to give any indication when this shiny feature might become available? days, weeks or months? if it not too far down the road we can probably hold out for the golden nugget.


We have it working internally, but we need to do a lot more testing before we open this up, to minimize breaking changes later. I can’t give you an estimate, because if we find that it’s not good enough we have to work on it, but I think it’s looking really good.

Quality over quantity. That’s a model I can get behind. Thanks for the reply and keep the awesome work you guys are doing. I look forward to seeing more in the coming releases.