Extensibility of Fuse

Hi everyone,

I am currently comparing React Native (RN), Native Script (NS), and FuseTools

In both RN and NS, adding native library (.a, framework, .jar + wiring .mm or .java) is quite understandable. NS is currently the easiest to add new native library.

However, when you want to create super interactive app, i feel that FuseTools is the best among current solutions, albeit with bigger build size. Now after looking at the doc, i dont know how to add native library in FuseTools…

Anyone can help me please?


We are still working out best practices on how to do this in Fuse through the new Foreign Code feature, and will be publishing examples on how to do it shortly.

Thanks for your patience.


We have just added a sample that uses a third-party library (the AWS SDK) on both iOS and Android to our samples repository: link. This uses Foreign code, which is a feature that allows you to selectively write parts of your program in Objective-C and Java (depending on the target platform). It is also possible to add .java files and .mm files to a project and call out to those from Foreign code.

This should help you get a feel for how it can be done using Fuse. We also have a couple of more examples in the pipeline, and we’re additionally working on making using third-party libraries easier, so stay tuned!

Hi Anders and Olle,

Thank you for your example, looks like it is actually quite managable to integrate native SDK with Fuse. UXL looks like to be the key to integrate with all native sdk. I must try it soon :slight_smile:

Hoping to see more documentation will be available on UXL part, also would be better if you have more examples on integrating popular SDK (like Ads networks etc)

Documentation for UXL and foreign code is continously being worked on as we add new features.

By the way, if you’re interested in how we integrate Fuse with native code, you’ll probably enjoy A sane way of mixing languages in Fuse!