Unable to open project on sublime text 3


I am new to fuse, i installed the app (the last release of course) on OSx El Capitain version 10.11.3 After installing, i install sublime text 3 and the plugin from “utilities”, but when i click on “Open in Sublime text” nothings happen.

Is there a solution to open a project directly from sublime, or this bug is resolved elswhere?

Thank you.

Hi, this could be due to a problem when you’re installing Sublime Text 3 after installing Fuse. Can you please try to restart Fuse and see if it works then? Just quit Fuse from the Fuse icon in the menu bar and start it again.

Hello, it’s purely my fault, i should drag sublime text to applications folder, now it’s working fine. I tested the build function to android and live preview to android, works fine. Fuse is really the best tool i ever found.

Thanks a lot fuse team.

Great! And thanks for those very kind words, it means a lot! :slight_smile:

Hey guys greats tools. I just started having the same issue as well. My project just won’t show up sublime, Any thoughts on this?

@Delorme: the issue in this thread was resolved, and you can see the solution above.

If you have a different problem, please make a new forum post and include all relevant details (including screenshots perhaps) that could help us understand what the issue is.