Project Startup - how do you get the cool sublime Text to WORK?


Looking at you example videos - they have a folder off on the side (the project?) And they sort of gloss over how to get that. I can open a .ux file in Sublime Text and it will auto-complete stuff and all, but you have a list of tabs across the top, and no ‘project’ at the left.

I watched about 5 videos, I read the startup guide, and by the way the ‘Open in Sublime Text’ is ALWAYS greyed out (God I hate greyed out buttons - they just scream to me that the programmer was to inexperienced to put up a message that says “you can’t use this feature right now because of X, and HERE is how to fix that.” as opposed to just doing nothing and getting the user pissed wondering how to get the button to actually do something.

Anyway, this framework looks GREAT for what I need to do for an iPhone project I’m doing, but I want to use it the way you guys are, not with a handi-cap. (you said something about adding files to the Assets directory and they just show up in the project / output file automatically - but if I drop it in the file using Finder will it work? Or do I need to do that through your system?

Thanks for any help, I’m totally lost on this one.


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Oh, and if someone could tell me how to create a project in Sublime Text - they seem to have left out the ‘new project’ on the menus or anywhere else I can find - you can save a project, but not create one.

Their settings seem to be a blank JSON file - nice, Great for those people who store their settings remotely in MongoDB, crazy stupid for humans who don’t.

Sigh… This is highly frustrating… Maybe one of your later videos shows how to actually START using this? Sure, I was able to open an example - with the text editor being about as cool as using ‘vi’ with it being hard to open another file etc.

Oh, well, anyway, you also might consider having a ‘Starting User’ topic on the forum.


Went back and re-watched the installing on OS-X, the guy lied at 3:59 when he said ‘If you installed Sublime Text, you can click on the Open in Sublime Text’ - it is greyed out, and you can’t. Yes, I installed it first, yes, the plug in is installed, Yes clicking the ‘Sublime Text Setup’ Says “You’re all setup!” SO… How do you un-grey the button so it will work?

And Sorry, about the tone of the preceeding, these kind of things drive me nuts… And Greyed buttons in particular.

Do I need to reboot or something crazy? This isn’t Windows, so I wouldn’t think I’d need to reboot daily to do anything.


Button works fine for me:)

But in the absense of said button, in sublime, Project->Add Folder To Project Then select the folder containing your fuse files.

That should bring up the file browser side bar

Well, if you start from the launch bar, it seems to actually work. If you explore apps, or run it from the command line it doesn’t. It now un-greyed for reasons unknown, I don’t have any idea why , I hope it stays.


Hi Chris,

The folder on the left is just the normal way Sublime Text works when you’re working with a folder, and has nothing to do with the Fuse plugin. If you simply do Cmd+o in Sublime Text, and open a folder, you will see all its contents in that view. This goes for non-Fuse folders as well.

The “Open in Sublime” button should only be disabled if you do not have Sublime Text 3 installed. I am not sure why Fuse believed it was not installed, I would have to discuss with the team who implemented that feature. But could it for instance be that you had Sublime Text 2 installed, then upgraded to Sublime Text 3, and then the button got enabled?

No, I just started using FUSE a few days ago, and had never heard of sublime before that.

It seems to be working now. I can’t reproduce the problem :frowning:

I’m downloading the update that came out today (I presume)

The reason was probably that you installed Sublime Text after you installed Fuse, and Fuse then failed to detect that it Sublime Text had been installed. I’ll make sure we improve this.

Anyway, glad to hear you got it working, and let us know if there’s anything more we can do to help! :slight_smile: