SublimeText not working for fuse

Hello everyone. I just installed the latest version of fuse and I tried to open my prvious projects and I am getting the an error in sublime text. I did a clean install of both fuse and sublimetext and I am still getting the error shown in the image below. I can I fix this please?

Could you please try to reboot your computer? If that does not help, can you please zip your logs (found at %localappdata%\Fusetools\Fuse\logs) and upload to

By the way, are you able to run fuse from a command line?

Fuse is running alright, but opening using the “Open In Sublime Text” button in Fuse opens SublimeText and displays that error.

I have done a clean re-install and restarted my computer but the error persists.

When I click OK and make changes to a project, the changes are reflected in the preview, but SublimeText doesnt give me the “code-completion feature” and this slows me down since I am a newbie.

I have uploaded the logs.

Thanks for the help

It looks like our installer might have failed to set up your PATH environment variable correctly. Can you please check that you have C:\Program Files (x86)\Fuse in path, and if not, add it?

I did a clean install of both sublimetext and Fuse again I it is now working fine. Thanks for the help.

Glad to hear you got it working, and sorry for the trouble!