Sublime 3 Fuse plugin issues

I keep getting this:

fuse.sublimeplugin (logfile):

2016-09-04 11:26:25,751 [2264] ERROR Fuse could not be found.\n\nAttempted to run from: ‘fuse’\n\nPlease verify your Fuse installation. If this is the first time you are running Fuse, please try to restart your computer.

but when open fuse from CMD it open Fuse

I did a fresh install on windows 7

did reboot

it also opens 2 instances of Sublime, one with mainView.ux and another untitled file. and whenever I right click on a file name, I get the error.


OK, this what I’ve found,
apparently and I guess it is mentioned somewhere, in order to Sublime 3 plugIn to work, you need to close the Fuse Dashboard and open projects within Sublime itself, then everything works as expected: auto-completion, visual feedback on both previews and it doesn’t complains anymore :slight_smile:
and I must say that, so far, I really like Fuse, it is cool!

Not so fast,

I got it working on one computer, but autocomplete & components highlight doesn’t on other one.

tried to uninstall and re-install sublime plugin To no avail.

Hi, are you still having issues with this? If so, can you please upload your logs to, for me to have a look?