TextHTML Element

Hi, Is there a way to create with Foreign code, UNO code or combining both to create a TextHTML element, because WebView is not flexible enough to control the text attributes.

Hi Oscar,

could you please elaborate on what text-controlling-features are you currently missing?

Basically it was to be able to receive text with certain html tags as allowed by Android, since the program is not oriented to HTML, but it would be nice to be able to receive HTML text that allows to control bold, italics, line spacing, paragraph, among others.

The idea is another solution instead of use WebView

Bold and Italic can be controlled by using different fonts on Text nodes, put together in a StackPanel or WrapPanel. Line spacing and paragraphs should be just a matter putting the right margins/paddings.

If you’re after proper rich text support, Fuse currently does not have that. You’ll need to use a WebView or go with a limited set of styling options, as described above.

Are the fusetools team planning to add Rich Text Support for the future?

Yes, there are plans for that. However, there is no ETA on when (or if at all) this will happen.

Thanks Uldis, this community is awesome!!! keep growing!