Rich Text

I tested a lot lately and everything looks promising. Only one thing prevents me from switching to Fuse: I absolutely need the ability to highlight/make parts of a textfield (single words or phrases) bold, colored, underlined etc. I also need to have the option to link single words or phrases to other pages/slides (like HTML-Links). Are there any plans for this in the near future?

We’re very aware that this has to be done, but simply haven’t had time to prioritise it yet.

In the mean time, I suggest you use html for your text, and present it in a WebView.

Is it possible to link from a webview to a ux:page?

Not right now, but that is a good idea! We need to fast track the ability to intercept and handle URLs anyway to manage things like _blank targets and so forth, and that feature should make linking from webviews to ux:pages pretty easy via a custom url scheme.