TextAlignment Justify

Hi, I am new to this awesome tools (Fuse).

I was wondering is there any possibilities to make text alignment Justified?

In this document
Only possible values are Left, Center and Right.

Any alternatives to Justfied?

Hi and welcome!

There’s currently no support for justified (or auto-hyphenated) text.

Thanks for the reply :),

Can it be achieved by developing custom native control?

If so, where can i begin?

Right now your best option is to place your text inside a WebView and style it as regular web content.

Doing a custom (OpenGL) control would probably be quite hard as the existing text renderer is fairly complex.
Using a normal native control could also be problematic as I think Android doesn’t support justified text in its own controls (whereas iOS does).

We’re hoping we can offer a better solution when we get richtext support in place but that is still some time out in the future.