In-app text-editor for writing articles


I need the user of my app to be able to write and save an article. Some of the functionality this text-editor needs is:

  • Create headers
  • Set bold text, italic text
  • Insert image, video
  • Insert lists
  • Insert links

I have been looking at the TextView Class, but I do not think it can be used for creating complicated text-editors of this type.

Another solution I have been thinking of is using a JavaScript library like Quill ( and open it in the app through a WebView. But I would prefer not having to use a WebView.

Any suggestions on how to create a text-editor of this type?

Hi Snorre!

Fuse currently does not have a full rich text [editor] support, so making one might turn out to be quite challenging. Most probably, that would involve writing some Foreign code too.

In your case, a WebView might indeed be the best solution for the time being.