Style of words in large large amount of text

I’d like to style specific words in a large amount of text.

In CSS, I’d be doing it the way shown below, but how to achieve this with Fuse with Text or TextView?

<span style="color:white;">bla <span style="color:red; text-decoration:underline;">bla</span> bla</span>

At the moment we don’t have a rich text control that would allow doing this. For headers, and other splittable text fragments, you can style each text block. To include extended formatting, like HTML/CSS, you can also use a WebView for now.

A proper rich text control is on our list of things to get done.

That’s interesting, because a lot of design have style specific words in a small of text.
We can not use a WebView in this case.

An issue has been acknowledged in this thread and it is being tracked internally by the Fuse team.

@Fuse team, do you have a plan to resolve this issue or any idea how to do that?

Please see image below: