Start with Fuse-Open

Hello Fuse’s users !

I just discovered Fuse and it looks promising. I’m indeed starting to be bored by creating over and over the same kind of HTML / CSS3 code for my app and wanted to have an another way to make app, if possible with a UI like the Fuse Studio one. However, the Fuse-Studio looks a bit outdated on Github (the latest commit is 17 months old).

My question is the following : is it recommended to use Fuse in 2020 ? Is it still maintained ? Does Fuse Studio works well in 2020 despite the lack of new update (we are still in RC1…) ?

Thanks for your feedback.

Fuse Studio is only a part of the Fuse framework. The Fuse framework is made by Fuse Studio, Fuse Libs and Uno.

  • Fuse Studio is a visual desktop tool suite to build “visually” a app with Fuse.
  • Fuse Libs are the libraries that provide the UI framework used in Fuse apps.
  • Uno is the core component of Fuse, it’s a native C#-dialect.

The Fuse framework was once called Fusetools and the latest official version is 1.9. Fusetools team decided to start a new business by building apps as paid service and released all the source code as open (there is no paid version of Fusetools).

FuseTools is now supported by the community and it is called Fuseopen.

The community is working hard to keep the Fuse Libs and Uno updated, which are the most important part of the Fuse framework and are essential to build apps. On the other side, at the moment, the community is not working on an updated version of Fuse Studio (apps may be built without it).

The important thing is that Fuse is kept updated and maintained and this thanks to many developers which believe in it.


Any articles on how to use another emulators (including live reload) when developing with Fuse Libs?

Fuse Studio is really a pain to work with.

No, there is not another emulator with “live reload”.