'Real time' preview app with latest UNO libs 1.12+

After going open-source Fuse Studio won’t work with the latest version of Uno so it is not possible to preview the app.
Is there an other way to preview in ‘real time’ the app as for example it was with the handy ‘Fuse Preview’ app?

Hi Enrico,

You’re right, the open source version of Fuse Studio has not been maintained and lags quite a bit behind current versions.

However, it’s possible that Desktop Preview is still usable since Uno/UX APIs are still fairly compatible, though your mileage may vary.

There are some experiments on a new and improved version of Fuse Studio going on, with a bunch of bugfixes and full support for all the latest features, NPM integration, TypeScript models and all. This is still quite experimental, but hoping to share more about this soon…!

We’re also trying to raise money to build a standalone Fuse Preview app on Open Collective.

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Yes, I know about Open Collective. I’m a little contributor for the Fuse Preview Project… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Woohoo, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Besides the Open Collective, is there anything we can do to support this great technology? Is there any help we can provide?

Yeah, join us on slack and check the wishlist: https://slackcommunity.fusetools.com

See what others are doing and contribute: