Is Fuse not supported anymore?

i have seen that the last version was made in 2017, and in the youtube channels looks like there not that much activity, that means that fuse is not longer updated? is discarded? its a very good tool, i discovered it today i was surprised to have not heard about it before, so its the end?

FuseTools is now supported by the community as it code is now open source. It has a dedicated web site Latest version (1.10.0-rc1) is the first ‘community’ version.

Thank you, but what happened to the official one?
is there now a private one that is paid?

Latest official version is 1.9. Fusetools team decided to start a new business by building apps as paid service and released all the source code as open. There is no paid version of Fuse.

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thank you for you help, this is an amazing project

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Right?! Its the shizniz! :smiley:

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So just to confirm: Fuse “team” - or the company behind it - now sell Apps as a Service (as described by themselves), right?

But what Fuse version are they actually using? Do they keep an “inside” fork of Fuse that they actually use for their new AaaS model? Do they use the open-sourced version? Did they dropped Fuse totally for their current business model?

Just curious about that since it would also dictate if there’s still any company interest behind Fuse or if it went full open-source, rogue-mode style.

Really need an answer to this question!

The Fuse Open project is now 100% supported by the community.

Fusetools, the company who originally supported the project, are no longer backing it and are probably not developing an “inside” fork of Fuse.

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