Fuse Open status

Hi everyone. I’m new to Fuse Open and finding it quite interesting. Just wondering if it’s still being actively developed and supported before I invest too much time in learning and exploring.

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Hello, @woufswart welcome to the Fuse Community. Fuse Framework was once funded by a Norwegian startup called Fusetools/fuse.no before they decided to pivot the business to the corporate segment and hand it over all of the source code of Fuse Framework to the community.

Fuse Open is still being actively maintained even tho at a slow pace, cos now only by a few Fuse Framework hardcore fans (some by a former of Fusetools core team). We are on the beginning of developing the v3.0.0-beta. You can check the GitHub repo at Fuse Open · GitHub.

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By the way, if you want to start quickly try the: Fuse X Studio. It’s a kind of App Viewer / App Preview for Fuse SDK for Windows or Mac with the hot reload feature for fast development.

You can also try the mobile app Fuse X App Preview Google Play Link or App Store, to test your app without installing it

Fuse Doc available at : What is Fuse? - Fuse Documentation
Tutorial at: Introduction - Fuse Documentation

Cheers! Happy Fusing!

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great news to know that a fuse 3.0 is coming!!! What features would focus on?

Hi @Hassan_M any update? Thanks in advance.