Fuse 1.9.0 is out!


Fuse 1.9.0 is out!

It contains a nice set of fixes and improvements, but the most important change is that Fuse is now entering a new era as open-source software.
And that means all features in Fuse Studio plus premiumlibs is now available to everyone, for free!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to encourage anyone who wants to improve and influence Fuse to submit bug reports and PRs. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can download installers and read the full changelog at https://github.com/fuse-open/fuse-studio/releases/tag/1.9.0


Thanks for your great works!

There are any plan maintanance or roadmap after 1.9?
in this answer of question “Will Fuse Open receive any more official updates?” seems not https://blog.fusetools.com/announcing-fuse-open-free-ea289bbf32d0.
It is very important in order to make a decision whether to use your platform for the next development.

Thanks in advance


Me and some other brave souls are trying to keep the project alive, so I guess the question is what you mean by “official”. If you mean official as in released by Fusetools AS, then no.

But the fuse-open Github organization is now maintained by the community, and we are allowed to keep developing Fuse. There’s already been an influx of patches contributed, so I’m positive about the future. I fully expect there to be a 1.10 at some point not too distant, because a lot of nice fixes has already landed.

The question if you should base your next project on Fuse is hard to answer, because it requires knowing the future. To be conservative, I would not recommend you do so unless you’re ready to get your hands dirty and dig through the code if there’s a show-stopper. But if you are, I don’t see why not.


It’s hard to hear that there won’t support from fuse. As you said the technology is good and it is easy to integrate the native libraries into fuse when compared to Ionic and Nativescript . Also the performance is also par native app. I believe people will start to use if the project is alive.


Thanks for the response. Fuse is fantastic product and we haven’t scare to digging the code for extend functionality or bugfix but I believe is important for the community to have an roadmap with times for share in which direction the product is evolving.

Thanks a lot.