General Questions

Currently I am developing my apps with AIR and I am looking for alternatives. So I have a couple of questions.

My Apps have 200-400 slides (pages). Each slide in a single file. They are very graphics- and animation-expensive.

Is this possible with Fuse? Can I have different files for each slide (for work with different developers)? How about memory management? Are all files loaded at startup or will they be loaded and disposed intelligently?

And one more: I have to use many formulas in my app. Are superscript and subscript characters problematic in Textfields? Can I use HTML-Tags in Textfields?

Would appreciate some help with this.

Thanks very much!

Hi there! This sounds like it could work nicely with Fuse.

Page organization You can easily split each single page into a separate file. Several of our published examples show examples of how this is done by defining new classes in different files. The keywords you should look for in the documentation is ux:Class, followed by ux:Include and ux:InnerClass

Memory management Again, this should work fine. There are mechanisms in Fuse that’ll deal with lazy-loading and -initialization of pages, as well as disposing of resources that are not needed by the current page. (For instance, to ensure unloading of images you use MemoryPolicy)

In the near future, with our new navigation / router implementation, this’ll be even easier to deal with, but it’s definitely possible already. :slight_smile:

Rich text While we don’t yet have support for rich text in the regular text components in Fuse you can still do what you describe by using WebViews for your text (which then also allow you to use HTML tags). The approach is the same as described here

That sounds very good, thank you.

One more question: I’ve seen, that you have a good implementation of JSON in Fuse. In my Apps i am using server generated XMLs. Is it possible to stay with XML or should wie update our scripts for JSON support?

There is a lot different XML libraries out there that should work. So you should probably do some simple testing first. I personally like json better, but that is just my preference.