Text with URL or number

Hey guys!

I would like to do something like this:

As seen in the screenshots, the URL and number are recognised as such and by clicking each one we can open the URL in the browser or call someone by clicking the number, for example.

Is this behaviour supported by Fuse? If not, is there a way to achieve this?

As I don’t think it is possible to create the components dynamically with JavaScript (hopefully, yet), i’m not being able to think of how to implement this using just JavaScript and the UX Markup, since I don’t know which data I will receive and if there will be a number, url or just text.

Is it possible to be implemented or can it be a (very useful) Feature Suggestion?


Does anyone know something about this?

Thank you

Hey Ana,

since currently there is no Rich Text support in Fuse, it would be fairly complicated to achieve that with just JS and UX markup.

If you’re OK with putting the click-enabled items on separate lines, and you’re up to the task to detect what types of items they are (phone number, link etc.), that could still be done - but it’s a longer discussion that involves your backend API.

If you need the items to wrap-around on the same lines as shown in the pictures, then your best bet is to use a little WebView for each of the messages, and inject the content as HTML.

Hope this helps!