Problem with incoming connections to Fuse in Mac OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.3


I installed Fuse 0.10.0 (build 6044) but I am having some issues in Mac Mac OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.13.

First, when I open the app, I get this error message:


Do you want the application “” to accept incoming network connections?

Clicking Deny may limit the application’s behavior. This setting can be changed in the Firewall pane of Security & Privacy preferences.


I press Allow, and in my settings of Security & Privacy I am allowing incoming connections to Fuse.

Then, in the app, when I try setup Sublime Text, I got this error:


The package could not be installed :confused: Verify your internet connection and try again.


And finally, when I try do anything in the app, like create a new project, I can’t, I can’t see the project template or start app preview… Just from terminal I can start an app preview or create a new project, but when I try a project preview with target android, The build fail.

My system is casesensitive.

Thank you in advance.

P.D.: Attached some screenshots with the issues.



Wow, that was a long list of issues. Hopefully, the problems are related in a way. Could you upload the logs found here ~/.fuse/logs to

After that, I would like you to post the output of running fuse kill-all && fuse daemon in terminal.

Hi Emil,

Thank you for your answer. I uploaded the file, I named it as “fuse_log_file_of_ManuelGonzalez.log”.

The outoput for the above command:

Manuels-MacBook-Pro:sdctickets manuelg$ fuse kill-all && fuse daemon Killing FuseTray Killing mono Killing mono Killing Fuse Killing Fuse Dashboard Running at port 12122 Client connected: Fuse tray menu Client connected: Code Assistance Service Client connected: Local Storage Service


Then nothing more happen, the command seems not finish.

The output looks correct, however I think your issues are triggered, by the fact that Fuse is having problems accessing our servers from your computer. Internet is required for downloading dependencies during a build for example.

So, I’m wondering if you are behind a firewall, or are using VPN for instance?

It is what I thought too, but I have direct access to Internet through my modem. even more, I installed fusetools in other Mac computer which use the same Internet connection and work fine.

The only difference is that my computer is case sensitive.

Yesterday I started the app in my house, another Internet, ISP, without firewall… and the same issue. Today I installed FuseTools in Windows 7 through VirtualBox and there FuseTools work nice.

Hi Manuel, you say

when I try a project preview with target android, The build fail.

Can you please try to run fuse preview --target=android in a terminal, and paste the full output here?