Can't start app

Sorry if this has already been dealt with but couldn’t find a topic that matched. Decided to finally start experimenting with Fuse and just upgraded to 0.8.5 but can’t get my test app started anymore.

Tried starting the app from the command line (fuse preview -t=Local “…path to unoproj”) and it returned a: fuse: A network error occurred: Could not resolve host ‘…’ Please check your network setup and try again.

The host name given seems to be a shorthand for the name Apple assigned to my little macbook pro and indeed won’t resolve to an IP address so there is my problem. Not entirely sure where the name is coming from, it may have been assigned to my macbook at some point in time (I’ve upgraded to 10.11 not that long ago).

Where is Fuse getting the name from? is it configured somewhere, is it doing an incorrect reverse lookup? Can I change it?:slight_smile:

Just to add to this, after pluggin in my laptop into the office network things work. I guess something is going astray when I’ve only got my wifi up and running.

Hi, there seems to be something strange with your network setup. When you’re not plugged in to your office network, what is the output of running the following commands in the terminal?

ping hostname
nslookup hostname

Hey Anders,

Too weird this:

BassMacokRetina:~ basolij$ hostname


BassMacokRetina:~ basolij$ ping BassMacokRetina

ping: cannot resolve BassMacokRetina: Unknown host

BassMacokRetina:~ basolij$ nslookup BassMacokRetina



Non-authoritative answer:

Name: BassMacokRetina


So ping does not resolve the host, but nslookup does find an entry but as a Non-authoritative answer whatever that means…

(how do I do the quote block?)

This may hold a clue:

Unfortunately I can’t try the fix mentioned because I’m on 10.11 with SIP enabled which prevents me from editing system files. The important bit seems to be that the host name is actually suffixed and you need to specifically tell the DNS lookup to try default suffixes.

The actual hostname of my Macbook is Bass-MacBook-Retina.local (Mac OS X by default generates this name at installation, I’m guessing based on the name of the first user created on the device). This is then shortened to BassMacokRetina.local and finally returned as BassMacokRetina.

I’m going to try changing that hostname and seeing how much further I get.

Ok, please let us know if that works.

We have implemented a workaround for issues like this where people can’t resolve their own hostname. It will ship either this week or the next.

Hi Anders,

Sucks I’ve only got time on this in the weekends so sorry for the slow delay. It seems El Capitan is a bit more fidgity in changing the name of my mac. It only half applied it and required a full reboot before it stuck.

My Fuse project however is still trying to use the old name of my Mac. Frustrating.

I’m downloading 9.1.5 right now, I’ll see if that changes things.

9.1.5 works fine :slight_smile: Finally can play around with Fuse at home! COol!

Great, thanks for letting us know! Have fun, and let us know if you have any further questions.