Fuse (beta) release #0.5.5000



  • Fixed onslaught of notifications when sublime plugin is updated during hibernation on OSX.

  • Fixed duplicate notifications on OSX.

  • Fixed case where two tray icons were spawned.

  • Added an option to connect to a different IP, if connection failed when running the app in preview.


  • Added shim for promise based fetch api

  • Fixed bug in XMLHttpRequest.getAllresponseHeaders


  • Speed improvements to android http for small requests

  • Fix for http threading bugs

This is a replacement for the prematurely released (and somewhat buggy) v0.6 which was temporarily available yesterday. If you were quick enough to download that one you should install this version instead. If you are on Windows, you have to manually uninstall v0.6 first, by going to Control Panel -> “Add or remove programs”. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and promise to make the real v0.6 even more awesome when it arrives!

Go here to download!

When can we expect support for OSX El Capitan? GM candidate has released today. I understand that official launch of the OS is only on September 30th, 2015. But it would be great if there is a compatible fuse installer a bit sooner.

Thanks, Balaji

Hi Balaji,

Official support for El Capitan is planned around 21 September.

Thank you.

Starting with yesterday’s release (0.5.6000), we now have experimental support for El Capitan.

However, we have found that the “Mono preview package for El Capitan” seems buggy, and recommend that you use the normal Mono for Mac OS X instead, which also actually works on El Capitan. So make sure you select the normal (not preview) MDK from http://www.mono-project.com/download/.