No inspector and "designer mode" is only one way. Bugs or set-up issue?

Like anyone just getting started with Fuse, I’ve been reviewing the tutorials and documentation. I’ve noticed many discrepancies between previous versions of Fuse in the current one (for example, old tutorials use a syntax and newer ones reference a ).

Among these discrepancies I’ve noted use of an “Inspector” where Jake Taylor “hits Command-I”. This does not work for me. This would be super cool to get working. See reference video queued to the specific part in the video

The other thing I’ve noticed is that as Jake moves his mouse over elements in Sublime, they are highlighted in realtime in the app. Does only works when I mouse over the element with “Designer Mode” turned on. It does not work when I mouse over elements in Sublime, this would be pretty cool to get working.

There is one final thing I’ve noticed. When I create a button wrapped in NativeViewHost, it just look like blue text with no border. Same goes for form elements, they are completely void of any styling. In the demo above, when Jake creates forms, they have some styling… a little thin underline under the fields… on my end, I had to create a rectangle object inside the field and use height and margin to get it to look the same. Any suggestions?


The inspector was removed in Fuse 0.26 (see the release notes):

The Inspector was intended as a proof-of-concept and testing ground for some of our ideas around visual tooling. It has now overstayed its welcome, been a fairly low priority for a while (and contained a few long-lived bugs) so we finally decided to remove it. We will however take what we learned from it and be back with much cooler visual tools in the future! :slight_smile:

As for the “lack of styling”, the default-theme was changed all the way back in Fuse 0.20. Take a look at the migration guide to learn how to update your code to the new and improved way of working with styling in Fuse.

Hey Brent, thanks. I will read this now. Please not that the Introduction section of Documentation seems to allude to the inspector, it currently reads:

“Visual tooling - UX markup can be edited by Fuse tools such as inspectors, timelines and generally cool drag & droppy stuff.”

So what about highlighting elements in realtime from Sublime? I have install the Sublime package and even the same theme Jack is using. Any suggestion that could point me in the right direction?

Hi there,

That paragraph is from the section talking about the design motivations behind making the UX markup language, why it is declarative, why JavaScript business logic is separated from UI/animation and what advantages it brings. It does not talk about any currently available tooling in particular. You’ll also find there are no “drag & droppy stuff” or timelines in the current shipping version of Fuse either. :slight_smile:

As for the highlighting of elements, go to the Fuse menu in Sublime and enable “Select element at caret”. If you’re having other issues with the Sublime plugin, please see the FAQ for possible solutions.

PS: my name is Bent, not “Brent”, and Jake is still Jake, not “Jack”.

My bad Bent! I made mistakes all around in that email :slight_smile: I got the Sublime package working now, really sweet. Thanks!

No problem! Happy to hear it worked out :slight_smile: