Sublime 3103

Am i doing something wrong? when i followed the installation process on my PC but when i create a new project or click on the example project the sublime text editor is not colorful, it gives me plain black and white, if i open a tag it doesn’t close automatically and when i type inside the tags there i no other options popping up of words. but if i open sublime normally and save the document as an html file there is no such problems any help?

and another thing the preview only works when i copy and paste a code in sublime from the learn page on, when i type my code in manually and i save for the privew it doesnt work.

i just went to investigate so i found out

the sublime text format is set to plain text, it should be set to UX but i am not seeing that when i click on the bottom right of the sublime editor, can i get this plug in elsewhere?

Can you please try the steps outlined in the Sublime Plugin troubleshooting guide?

If that doesn’t work, please look for the sublime plugin log in %localappdata%\Fusetools\Fuse\logs, and paste the contents here, so we can pinpoint exactly what’s wrong.