Toughts on Fuse UX Solution pane

Be aware that this post relates to the Fuse beta in its current state - I don’t know anything about upcoming additions to the UI.

I think integrating with Sublime Text is an awesome choice! It’s a great editor, and since you’re also providing the API, die-hard emacs/vim/whatever users can make their own plugin. When I use Fuse on two screens, I put Sublime on the left one, and Fuse on the right one. When I use a single screen, I put them next to each other. This seems natural, and my guess is most people do this. You work on the source code in the left window, and see the preview on the right. Also, it’s my understanding that the “fuse” window will go from being a pure preview-tool to a tool to manipulate the views other UI elements.

Thus, the “sublime” window relates to source code, and the “fuse” window to layout and design.

Currently, the “Fuse” window contains a Solution pane, listing all the directories and files that are part of the project. To preview, you have to select one of these files. To edit in sublime, you also have to go to the “fuse” window to right-click a file and select “edit in sublime”. It’s a bit counter-intuitive and awkward.

Proposal: Move the directory/file-oriented solution pane to the editor window. Adding new files, right-clicking to add a code-behind, etc, would all be done from the solution-pane in the editor. Remove the option to right-click and choose “preview” on a file-by-file basis.

In The “fuse” window, it would be better to have a pane showing the hierarchical composition of views/elements, starting at the “App” node. You would choose what to preview/edit in the “fuse” window based on this view, rather than the file-centric view that you have today. However, I actually think it would be good enough for now if the preview just always showed the “App” node. (You could always add a “debug” navigator for development, allowing you to switch between views by clicking on buttons - I have actually found myself doing this already).

Thanks for your input and feedback! :slight_smile:

You are right that the current configuration of where features live in Fuse/editors/other windows is a bit on the drawing board, and changes are going to happen going forward.

We are currently primarily focusing on stabilizing the underlying libraries and developing the capability of reliably shipping desktop software (which is harder than one might think!), and getting all the basic features working.

Once the foundation is stable, we will probably do a lot of changes to the Fuse UI and focus on streamlining the workflow.

We also have a few sweet ideas in the pipeline that will lift the workflow to another level. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

I don’t assume that shipping cutting-edge software is easy, and I’m impressed with the experience at this early stage! I’m having a lot of fun with Fuse! :slight_smile: