Inspector really slow to "get" selection

I use the inspector a lot when I’m working, I’ve probably used it on nearly everything I’ve added into the app to make those perfect adjustments, and it’s easily one of the best parts of Fuse for me.

As my project has grown though and through the updates, I’ve found the inspector to be really really slow, and lately it’s borderline unusable. If I select a thing in Sublime Text 3, it takes ~3-4 minutes to update on the inspector, if I select using the design view it takes ~1-2 minutes to update on the inspector, if I accidentally click something else then it takes even longer to go through each selection.

When the selection is finally correct everything works very smoothly, and this delay grew pretty gradually over time, but I was designing a new page on my app today and it’s just totally impractical to use the inspector now.

I’m on Windows 10 using an Intel i3, 8gb ram laptop (that’s all i know sorry), so could it be because i have a slow laptop.

Is there anything I can do about this?

Hi, Thanks for reporting!

We know of (and have an upcomming fix for) an issue that causes the selection cue in your app to become slower and slower with each refresh (and number of elements).

However, what you are experiencing could be a different issue, as selecting in sublime should still immediately update the inspector in the case above (i.e. the preview app itself is unresponsive but the other programs still work).