Fuse 1.82/1.90 Sublime integration not working properly

Since upgrade to the versions 1.82 or 1.90 the integration with sublime is not working.
When opening an App Fuse tells me that it cannot find the sublime-plugin, so it is offering me a button to install it. This button does not do anything, it will not install or give any feedback.

The command line install sais this:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Fuse\Modules\SublimePlugin>fuse install sublime-plugin
Fuse 1.8.2 (build 15696)
Dispatcher busy for 0.6029958 seconds (UI unresponsive)
Starting sublime-plugin installer
Done installing sublime-plugin

Anyway, opening fuse it will complain about a missing plugin.

The effect is, that opening an editor or locating a code line will not work.
Do you see similar issues? Any idea?
Thanks for your help!


I don’t know about all of that but have you tried installing the fuse plugin via the sublime package manager?

thanks for your reply. Yes I installed the fuse plugin via sublime package manager.

But is this the way you get e.g. the sublime calls from fuse to work?

For me it is not working.

I rarely open the main fuse app; I just use the sublime right-click context menu for local previewing via fuse studio. Then use terminal for exporting.

Maybe its only the Windows version?