Fuse Designer


I would like to know if there will be a Designer tool to do WYSIWYG of the UI, rather than doing everything in the “notepad”.

If yes, any ETA when we, beta testers, can see it or use it?

If not yet, I’d recommend using Qt Creator. It cross platform, the designer is pretty solid. I’ve used it for some Windows PC apps as well as some mobile apps. It’d be worth a shot looking into it, or similar IDE which offers integration with other tools.

// chall3ng3r //

Hi! There will definitely be higher-level design tools for Fuse but we’re not ready to make any promises on when they will be available quite yet. Right now we’re very much focused on making the underlying tech as robust as possible and providing a good work flow for programmers (and designers) who write markup and code in the text editor.

You guys in the beta will be the first to hear about it when there’s any news about these features. :slight_smile:

What Remi says is true.

A key point of making the UX markup declarative and stand-alone is to enable visual tooling :slight_smile: But tech must be solid first!

Thanks guys for your reply.

This is great news. For now I’m gonna play with the markup in sublime, and looking forward to update on this in future.

// chall3ng3r //