Loading images with the Url Attribute crashes the app on android

When loading images with the File attribute the app works fine, but when loading images remotely with the Url Attribute the app crashes. This occurs on all android devices I run the compiled app.


This is not true in general, so it must be something specific to your app. Can you please upload a complete test case that reproduces the issue?


Thanks for your response Anders :slight_smile:

The app I was working on initially kept crashing, so I figured it was something about my code, so I tested the news feed app as it also loads images remotely but it still crashes as well on my tab. I tried a basic app which just loads one image as hereto included:

It crashes when it tries to load the image. Could there be something wrong with my device? Such was my desperation that I looked for alternative means to load images remotely and I came across the imagetools library which works fine with loading base64 images, without crashing… Still not an optimal solution as base64 images are about 33% heavier than the original image but I will live with it :). Still not sure why the url attribute crashes on my device though. A friend of mine also tried running the app and it crashes still :(. In the meantime I will use the imagetools library

      <Image Url="https://www.google.co.ls/images/branding/googlelogo/1x/googlelogo_color_272x92dp.png" />

Your reproduction-case works just fine for me on Android. What kind of device are you experiencing issues on?

I’m using an HCL ME tablet running Android 4.1.2.

Additional system specs (if they can help):

Processor 1.2 GHz Cortex A9 Dual Core

Unfortunately, I don’t have this device at hand, so it’s hard for me to try to reproduce the issue…

Could you try to build the app with uno build -r -tandroid -DCPPSTACKTRACE <your-project>, run it on the device, and paste the console output here?

Thank you so much for your response Erik :slight_smile:

I did as you suggested. Please find below the console output:

From the output, it doesn’t look like you included the -DCPPSTACKTRACE argument in that run… Are you sure you did?

That being said, these lines seems to indicate something is wrong with out OpenGL ES setup:

E/libEGL  ( 5304): eglMakeCurrent:534 error 3009 (EGL_BAD_MATCH)
W/TestImage( 5304): GLHelper::MakeCurrent: Unable to make EGL context current:12297

Yeah… just double checked and the -DCPPSTACKTRACE argument was included…

At any rate how do I resolve the issue you highlighted… Any libraries I’ll need to upgrade? Or is there a different problem altogether?

I don’t know, and unfortunately without access to the device, it’s very hard for me to figure out how…

Oh, but I just noticed, the build said Target is up-to-date -- stopping build (pass --force to override)… Could you try to add the --force-arugment to rule out bugs in the compiler forgetting to invalidate the build-cache on define-changes?

Hi! have anybody of you found a solution to this?? Im troubling with the exact same problem with a samsung galaxy s7 and my tablet x10 DragonTouch (Android 5.1.1) but my app works perfectly in other devices like a huawei lite p9 and BLU Life One X (Android 5.1). Log output says the same:

E/libEGL  ( 5304): eglMakeCurrent:534 error 3009 (EGL_BAD_MATCH)
W/TestImage( 5304): GLHelper::MakeCurrent: Unable to make EGL context current:12297

something related to OPENGL.

Please let me know ASAP if you know a way i can fix this, dont want to use the ImageTools. Thanks!!

Is this happening with a spesific type of image?

Its happening with the image types that i need to use, png and jpg.

Ok, is this a image with huge size or special letters or something like that. If you are able to send me one of the image url’s it would be much easier to debug.

Hey, now its happening when i try to set an observable value

var pregunta = String(vQuestionItems[vCounter].NAMEQUESTION);
console.log("pregunta : " + pregunta);
vQuestionT.value = pregunta;
<TextRegular Value="{vQuestionT}" FontSize="30" Padding="0,70,0,20"/>

When i set the value to my vQuestionT variable the log output says

I/TellMe  (10563): pregunta : Le gusto el servicio prestado en nuestro departamento
E/libEGL  (10563): eglMakeCurrent:777 error 3009 (EGL_BAD_MATCH)
W/TellMe  (10563): GLHelper::MakeCurrent: Unable to make EGL context current:12297
F/libc    (10563): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1, fault addr 0xdeadcab1 in tid 11889 (com.apps.tellme)

and then the app crashes, this only happens in samsung galaxy s7 and x10 DragonTouch (Android 5.1.1) when i install the same app in a different phone or tablet it works without any problem and as well this is the exact same problem when i try to use the

<Image Url="http://...any-image.png">

Thanks in advance for your help!! :smiley:

Could you send us the exact image that is creating trouble?

For me pretty much any PNG and JPG regardless of URL (I tried various ones with the same result), almost as if the problem is not any single specific image but with rendering (that is any image tried).

Much like with in your case Anders.