App crash when load some images


My app load images from a movie database and in some cases the app crash when load some images…

Like this one:

Why this happen? Its posible to solve this?


That picture is actually a GIF, even though the extension say it is a jpeg. Fuse only support JPEG and PNG right now. I will see if we could improve our error handling a bit in cases like this.

Just thought I’d chime in:

I’ve debugged this case a bit, and it turns out there’s a recent bug that triggers when the image file is nether JPEG nor PNG, unfortunately leading to a downwards spiral into the abyss of infinite recursion. I’ve fixed the problem, and it’ll be included in the upcoming release.

This however does not mean that we support loading GIF-files, unfortunately. But we now survive when GIF-files are fed into the image loader, so at least you can fall back to something else.

I’m still having this issue and many more related to images. When Fuse try to load images with wrong extensión crash the app. It would be great that don’t crash the app and don’t load the images. Also is related with this thread

Any news about this??? It would be very nice to have the APP still running and don’t crash if the image have wrong extension or is damage or the image don’t load still.

It is possible to achieve this?

I just gave this a try, and it didn’t crash the application here. Instead, I just got an error in logcat, that said:

InternalError: ImageSource error: Error while reading JPEG file: Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x47 0x49 in Fuse.Resources.HttpImageSourceImpl<C:\ProgramData\Uno\Packages\Fuse.Elements\0.35.11\Resources$.uno:570>

Do you have a reproduction case that fails?