Crash at preview

I have several errors with a simple project (running 0.12.4) :

  • An image in a panel does not show, unless I rotate the device
  • Local preview execute my js really slow and crash
  • Android preview does not connect to host

Code is mostly fetching a json, then fetching json again for each entries

Code is really fast in my browser (<1s)

sources : osx crash report :


Thanks for reporting these issues, and thanks for providing test cases.

We will investigate the issues separately.

This issue has been figured out, but we don’t have a fix yet. We’ll update you when we have.

I’m not in a hurry as it’s a personnal project, but should I look to a possible workaround in the meantime. Or should I hold my project for a few days ? (weeks?).

Thank you.

OK, sorry, I was a bit unclear. I only looked into the local preview crash, and that’s the part that was figured out. We now have a fix, and we’ll roll it out ASAP.

The crash occurs when loading a JPEG file (or, any file that isn’t a PNG, really) with a PNG extension, so a work-around would be to simply not do that. I don’t really have a better suggestion right now.

Also, I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue with your example here, but that could be an error on my behalf. However, the crash-report matches another crash-report that I was able to reproduce with.

So sorry for a bit inaccurate support here. I’ll have a deeper look tomorrow.

That’s totally ok really :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer.