Check image before app crash

Hi there!. I want to know if it is a way to check if a picture is not damage or has a correct extension before the APP crashes. So I wan’t to check out the image before the URL tribute is fill.

I have a problem with 2 of my APP’s from a long time now:


These issues were both solved a long time ago, and I just re-tested and neither image crashed fine for me. One of them failed to load (because it’s a GIF, a file format we do not provide support for), and the other one loaded just fine.

I’m not sure what I can do to help you unless you can provide us with a reproduction case that fail.

Thanks! Sorry was my code mistake! Work perfect!

Actually, I observe a crash on this on iOS. Android seems to work fine, though.

Unfortunately, the crash happens deep inside the software-stack, so it might take a while to fix.

You are right on Android work fine but now I test it on IOS and crash. Any way to solve this in a future release?

Sorry for the lengthy delay, but the issue has been found and fixed. Thanks for the reproduction-case.

The fix is expected to make it into Fuse 0.28.