Intellisense for UNO project

Is intellisense enable for uno projects in Sublime Text ?

Yes, the Fuse installer installs intellisense both for UX and Uno. The code completion logic runs inside of Fuse behind the scenes, so you have to make sure Fuse is running on your machine for it to work.

If it is not working for you, please let us know in this thread and we can figure out what is wrong.

No, it is not working for me… I see only few of the properties… not all of…

Its not working for me, at all. I only see this at the bottom:


I have started Sublime separately or independently, not via the Fuse dashboard as that will make it unable to build or preview from Sublime (see here:

I am running Fuse 0.27.1 build 7935 and Sublime build 3126 (from 23 sept 2016) on a Win7 x64. Both Fuse and Sublime is newly installed.

Fuse is also in the path (checked echo %path%) and the command fuse works in the command prompt.

Hi Ted, can you please zip up and upload you Fuse logs to You’ll find the logs in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Fusetools\Fuse\logs.

Hopefully they contain some more clues as to what the underlying problem is.

Its done! =)

The code completion feature in Sublime relies on being able to connect to a Fuse daemon running on localhost:12122. From your logs, I can see that the daemon successfully starts, but that the Sublime plugin is unable to connect to it. Could it be that you are running a firewall or something else that blocks the connection?

It also looks like you have some issues with adb (not related to your Sublime issues), as I can see messages like adb server version (31) doesn't match this client (36); killing... in your logs. Could it be that you have multiple adb versions installed, and that an old one was already running from somewhere else (such as Genymotion or other tools that ship their own adb)? If so, you should try to upgrade adb in your other tool, or do adb kill-server when switching from working with that, to working with Fuse.

I have now opened 12122 in the local firewall, and after an initial “updating cache” something, I get the auto-complete! Thanks, but I think it needs to be clearer in the install instructions and docs that you have to open that port in the firewall =)

Regarding the other adb problem; I noticed it too, and I did the adb kill-server and then started the fuse dashboard (that starts some stuff, right?). Im not sure, but I did get the “system” to work after a while, so I can edit code and view preview on device etc. I have a normal android sdk installation since before (did some dev a while back), maybe that is in the way, but Ill keep my eyes on it and see if reappears.

Glad to hear you got things to work! I’ve updated the installation instructions for the Sublime and Atom plugins, as well as the FAQ, about the firewall issue.

About the Android SDK / adb, Fuse should only use version it is configured to use. You can see this in uno config. If for some reason another version of adb was started, this sounds like a bug, or that some other tool on your computer started it. If it continues to be a problem, I would recommend deleting one of them, and set Fuse to use the one you decided to keep.

Can I just ask which firewall you are using? Is it the default Windows Firewall, or a third party software?

Its the Windows default, i have no other installed.


All right, thanks!