Sublime Intellisense code completion not working

OS: Windows 10
Fuse: 0.29.0

Code completion or intellisense on Sublime Text is not working.

It was working fine yesterday on a project I have. Today I created a new project for testing purposes and it just stop working.

Now I don’t have this tool which is heavily used. Something as simple as <Text> is not even showing.

This might sound odd, but can you try to reboot and see if that works? Also: can you check if there are Fuse specific directories in your %path%?

  1. I just restarted the PC:

Hit Cntrl+Space

I also notice that If I write once like this:

<!-- Rectangle -->
<!-- Text -->
<!-- Font -->
<!-- FontSize -->
<!-- Circle -->
<!-- DockPanel -->

I do get code complition:

Come to think of this. The code completion never worked like it suppose to. It just repeated whatever I already typed once

  1. Regarding the Path question:

Can you please zip your logs and send them to us?

Sorry for the late reply. I’ll try to upload the log file today.

FYI: If you thinks is the server connection… I looked into that and it was working correctly