Fuse Library Guide (missing?)

A link I had to the Fuse Library Guide (https://www.fusetools.com/learn/guides/fuselibs) works …

But the content noted on the page ends with just the following:

This section contains concept-level documentation on a range of topics Fuse.

The stuff you find here is meant as a look-up reference whenever you need to know details about how stuff works in the fuse UI libraries.

Where might I find this concept-level documentation (now)?

This write up was particularly unique and insightful…

Clicking the “Preview and Export” tab under Guides expands to show the information i.e. “The App Class”, “Panels”, “Triggers”, etc. that I was trying to locate…


(v) Preview and Export

  • Preview on the Desktop
  • Camera*
  • Styling*
  • Triggers & Animation*
  • Shapes*
  • Panels*

Note, items tagged with an (*) should be listed back under the Fuse Library Guide (vs. Preview …) ?

Hi Joey, thanks for reporting! We’ll fix this asap.

Hi, Joey!

It seems we had some issues with the navigation in our guide section here, which I’ve corrected now.

As for the fuselibs guides, those documents are deprecated and should ideally not have been visible on the website at all. I’ll look into that and have them removed, the content you are looking for is now found in the Fuse handbook in our Learn section.

I hope you find what you’re looking for there!