Fuse feature roadmap

Hi all! We just published our feature roadmap. It lists ongoing and completed parts of the Fuse tech stack and should be a natural place for people to look to see what Fuse can and cannot do. We feel it should be a natural part of evaluating Fuse now and in the future.


Update: the roadmap has been moved to https://www.fusetools.com/docs/features

As always, we welcome comments and feature requests :slight_smile:

PS: it is not yet possible to vote for features/feature requests, but that functionality is coming to the updated Community-pages which is under development as we speak. For now, please use this thread or the forum in general to voice your +1’s :slight_smile:

Will native navigation include the additional native UI elements that come with it? Like segmented selection and tab bar for iOS?

@fudge: Yes, those should be easy to add.

This is handy, thanks! My votes: 1) Profiler 2) Push notifications 3) Maps

But I’m assuming there will be optimization that needs to be done for most projects. If not, it doesn’t need to be #1.


Is there a new link for the roadmap?


Current roadmap doc is here: https://www.fusetools.com/docs/features

It’s a bit out-of-date and could use some styling, but we’re working on that :slight_smile: