Please show a Video Tutorial for importing Sketch Artboards

Hi Guys! Firstly, Excellent Job with Fuse! My only advice from someone with some experience is that SKETCH is your window to lots and LOTS of new Designer/developers, and at the moment, you need a quick well integrated IMPORT feature, much like Framer for example!! or Sketch plugin like CRAFT…you get my drift!

Anyways, after several attempts, and following all your doc Fuse import guidelines, i am still not successful. My steps were:

  1. Dragged and dropped, the .SKETCH file onto your Studio Pro, which created the .sketch.ux file - Assets ‘resource file’ i believe
  2. I then realised we also needed to do the “Fuse import xxx.sketch -app xxx.ux”, in order to get the actual UX colours, distance, etc…
  3. finally, on the studio…the only file that seems to show anything was the main.ux !!! i kind of copy pasted, the xxx.ux content into the main.ux, just so i could see some sort of image or something in the studio…
    4)…No luck there, and receive the error message “?:Error: Multiple definitions of type ‘test’ in project”…which is not surprising, since i don’t believe i had to mess about with the main.ux and xxx.ux so much!

Also, and very important, just so you know my Fuse level of experience is “NEW” but I did watch many videos…in an ideal world…all this should have been “SEAMLESSLY EASY” and quick for new beginners!!

i am on your side guys, and you have the “BOMB” just need a few very important things like this to be done :wink:

Thank you for your time!

Hi Jorge,

thanks for the feedback.

The current Sketch importer is an experimental proof-of-concept at this point, and we completely agree that a good importer would make Fuse more accessible for tons of new people. We’re looking into making this more seamless, and you can expect things to improve in the future (no ETA).

Since the feature is experimental, we probably will not be making any video tutorials on it at this point, so let’s see if we can figure out what went wrong for you in other ways.

As I read it, the import itself went fine for you. The main issue, Error: Multiple definitions of type 'test' in project was likely caused by the fact that elements with the same ux:Class name were present in 2 files in the same project - you should not simply copy/paste things around UX files without understanding WHY you do that and how to do it “RIGHT”.

As for the “understanding” part, I suggest you follow our Tutorial to get a hang on how things work in Fuse, and you’ll be in a much better position when you do your next Sketch import.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Uldis. Very helpful. My thoughts precisely! Keep up the good work ! Love your product and love your Community sense and quick feedback! all good traits of a great company and great things to come ! best Jorge