Navigation On App Level and Folder Structure

Been tinkering with fuse for quite some time and I’m loving it so far. I got the main idea behind navigation and the classes tags, but I’m finding it hard to find a style for arranging my app pages and using navigation for them.

For example, I came up with this folder structure:


Components is where my reusable components are, and my app pages are in Pages, obviously.

I’m struggling to find a constant system for navigating between all the pages though. I tried using , but it didn’t work so well, maybe I’m not using it correctly after all.

Is there an example or part of the reference where I can find what I’m looking for?

Coming from a front-end (AngularJS) and a Dot Net (MVC) development background, is there a design pattern that we can use for Views and Code(Controllers) maybe? an MVVM or an MVC pattern? and what’s the perfect way to apply it?

Hi guys!

A big update to Fuse is coming very soon which will introduce very useful new features and new best practice guide for navigation, components and structuring your project.

Thanks for your patience, stay tuned :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for that to happen! I’m actually trying to convince our CTO to switch to Fuse :slight_smile:

Just can’t wait for the update. I think Fuse will change the game and I want to port apps and make new ones. I’ve been struggling with the same issues and I hope the update works as well as we all hope. I truly want Fuse to succeed. It’d be a better life for us all!

+100500 Hopefully the update will come sonner than we can expect.