Documentation improvements

Hey there,

a few users feel some things are missing from the documentation pages. Let’s use this post to gather the (if any) shortcomings. Feel free to post your findings.


No mention of SnapMinTransform and SnapMaxTransform on the Learn page.

Circular layout is missing

NavigationContext in NavigateTo


ColumnSize in ColumnLayout


Context in ForeignCode example

Native Javascript Module in UNO is missing the info that you have to add Fuse.Scripting to you .unoproj file

Here: In the “HierarchicalNavigation example” code box, there are 3 instances of opening tags <MyPage> while the respective closing tags have remained as </Page>. Those should be changed to </MyPage>.

A small one:

The anchor link for the Signing for iOS section in UNO, linking from


but should be

Navigation type’s CanGoBack, CanGoForward, and PageCount all throw errors, Navigation documentation must be updated with the current working replacements.

@Till: fixed the iOS export link. Thanks for the heads-up!

@Till: I believe Fuse.Scripting is now added by default when creating new, empty projects in Fuse, but I’ve added a note to the Native JavaScript Module in Uno-article.

@uldis.zeidurs: fixed the closing of </MyPage> in the HierarchicalNavigation example (and I also stripped out a completely irrelevant piece of code at the top of the example too). Thanks for the tip!

Fernando Lins: I have removed the unneccessary mention of those properties, as they are read-only and can’t be used in UX

'RemoveAnimation' is similar to 'AddingAnimation' but is triggered whenever the element is removed from its parent. 'RemoveAnimation' progresses normally from 0 to 1 over the specified Duration.

RemoveAnimation still listed in the documentation but doesn’t seem to work - Data type not found: RemoveAnimation - Could not resolve type 'RemoveAnimation'


Fuse.Scripting.V8 package does not appear to be documented at all.

Samthorne: That package is not part of the public API surface.

StateGroup's Transition property is documented as TransitionType in /learn/fuse/ under “StateGroup”.

Fixed the TransitionType issue :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting, Fernando.

<WhileTrue> and <WhileFalse> have this amazing feature called Source which is not documented.

PS: Would be brilliant if we could hook Switch up to other boolean elements with Source too.