Incorrectly done tutorials, wrong way of learning Apps development with fuse.

Dear support, forum, I have followed all instructions in tutorials and I have to say that they are not meant to teach new developers the way of building good apps. 1) If we follow exactly the same instructions of the tutorial we receive nothing, I mean, once I finish writting the code and run the preview I get nothing. For example the code in Animations tutorial is not completed, the downloaded code is very different than the one coded in the tutorial, there are no explanations about all that extra code, no layout explanations at all in that tutorial. 2) The documentation has no tools to find a class through all available main clases, Im a new developer but when I had to look for PageControl class I didn’t know where to find it, I have JuseJS, Fuse, Uno and so on, so I had luck after my second attempt looking in Fuse, remember new developers HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE about how the class are done or to which class they belong to. 3) Is very unsatisfactory to write some code following a “tutorial” and see just a purple screen instead of see an animation of an Icon. This is really bad… 4) First of all, my experience as developer gives me an idea about how to code an application, once you get a new language you think about doing something, but where do I start?, I need to write down the structure of my application, so, WHERE IS THAT PART IN THE LEARN DOCUMENTATION??, If you don’t teach others to use some Software Architecting techniques you will find that you have teached a bunch of guys how to write spaguety like code based applications and THAT IS NOT SOMETHING YOU AS FUSE DEVELOPERS WANT.

I kept calm and I start looking all tutorials first to reorder all possible documents I will need to develop an application, so right now I’m not that lost, but what about 14 years old new programmers? Are they not included in here? Are we forced to have programming knowledges before getting into Fuse technologies??

So that’s all, Please make the tutorials again, use some pen and draw how code assembles structures and layouts, explain everything instead of saying hey here is the code copy and paste and look for whatever it means in the Api, good Luck!!.. naaaaaaa, please, please, build much much better tutorials.


Hi! First of all, thanks for the feedback. We’re constantly working to improve our documentation so it’s very good to hear how it’s working out (or not) for all of you. :slight_smile:

A question first: when you’re talking about tutorials, which part of the documentation do you mean? In the case of the Examples these are simply meant as examples and reference material for some of the things you can do with Fuse, not necessarily as bottom-up tutorials. The youtube tutorials on the other hand are more in the form of traditional tutorials where the focus is more on the functionality you need to understand and less on “look how cool the result can become”.

When it comes to getting started with Fuse the correct starting point is /learn/fuse and working your way down through the first parts there (including the very basic first tutorial). Then, when you want to add scripting, /learn/fusejs becomes relevant.

The point of all documentation here is not to provide a general purpose programming introduction, but rather to explain the concepts and functionality that is specific to Fuse.

One thing we will definitely improve on is the search functionality for the documentation and the site as a whole. It’s not very good today but an upgrade is on the way!

Also; if there are any examples that don’t do what they should then just let us know and we’ll get it sorted out.

At some points, “hackerunet” is right, but as this is still beta (work in progress), we all know that documentation has lesser priorty while development on the product is more important (and everybody who does not agree here, lies :slight_smile: ). But for a more or less experienced developer, finding the right information shouldn’t be a problem (or simply ask on Twitter or Slack)

On the other way, the /learn pages could really need some love and I would also suggest to highlight on the pages that the explanation and code snippets are not the full examples, as they look like complete examples at first, but at a later state and with a little more experience in Fuse, you realize they are not.

Also the “…the very first tutorial” is really badly hidden at the Guides on the 5th place, with having other more complicated topics first. This could be a quick fix to re-order the guides:

  • Setup Fuse
  • Tutorial Fuse beta
  • Preview and Export
  • UX Markup Guide
  • Android push notifications
  • Installing Google Play Library
  • iOS push notificationsWorking with Uno code
  • Debugging
  • Working with Uno code
  • Uno Language Reference
  • Uno Project Format Overview
  • UXL Handbook (Here be Dragons)

I am not sure if the Google Play library is used anywhere else than with “Android Push Notifications”, if not, make it a sub page to “Android Push Notifications”.

Just my 2 cents.