Fuse (beta) release 0.9.2

Fuse 0.9.2 is out!


  • Fuse.Video works on desktop
  • Better workflow for working with Uno apps
  • Improved Sketch importer

Change log

Video now works on desktop

This release brings Fuse.Video to the desktop, and it now works in preview on both Windows and Mac OS X. Under the hood this uses DirectShow on Windows and AVPlayer on OS X.

Layout animations

  • LayoutArgs.PositionChange is renamed to WorldPositionChange and gains OldPosition and NewPosition
  • LayoutAnimation.GetPositionChange has been made internal (it should not have been exposed before)
  • RelativeTo="LayoutChange" should no longer be used and will be removed. Use instead the specific WorldPositionChange or SizeChange depending on which animator
  • PositionChange is also added as a RelativeTo option, but refers specifically to the position within the parent (non-global changes)
  • A new Released trigger that pulses when a pointer is released in the node (without capture or previous down event)
  • WhilePressed.Capture allows a false option (default true) to not capture the mouse to track the trigger. It will be active so long as the pointer is within the element and pressed.

Workflow for working with Uno-code

Changes to Uno-code no longer requires exiting Fuse entirely to take effect. Just close all open preview windows/apps that are previewing the project, and the next time you do fuse preview it will use your latest Uno-code.

Improved Sketch-importer

  • Generated code is now indented with a tab character (instead of a single space)
  • Generated Page-tags now has the default HitTestMode, allowing you to select things within a page, not just the page itself
  • Fixed wrong relative path to FileImageSources in generated code
  • Fixed various bugs causing UnauthorizedAccessException and scary stack traces
  • Fixed crash when importing text without a color set
  • Fixed escaping of quotes in text
  • Fixed an issue where the sketch importer would fail due to missing an existing font file
  • Fixed an issue where using System Font Regular would generate invalid code
  • Fixed bug causing invalid namespace names in generated code

Fuse tools

  • You no longer have to wait for the spinning thing under “Recent projects” in the OS X dashboard
  • Introducing the fuse daemon-client command, making life a bit easier for everyone making plugins for Fuse (API docs will follow shortly!)
  • Introducing the fuse kill-all command, shutting down all fuse processes (We hope you don’t have to use it, though)
  • OS X installer will now kill old fuse processes

Known bugs

  • Using the GeoLocation api on iOS 7 results in the app crashing.