Fuse (beta) release 0.9.5

Fuse 0.9.5 is out!

Download at the download page.


Improved Sketch-document importer

  • Better handling of spaces and dashes in paths
  • Improved font resolving
  • Fixed an issue causing import to fail when no font was specified in the Sketch-document
  • Fixed a couple of issues where the Sketch importer could generate illegal code (illegal identifiers)
  • The bug causing “Error creating standard error pipe” on some larger projects has also been fixed
  • Improved error message if you don’t have either Sketch or Sketchtool installed


  • ContainingText is a deprected name, use WhileContainsText instead
  • WhileContainsText now works on any IValue<string>, such as the base TextControl, not just a TextInput


  • BoxSizingMode.Shadow renamed BoxSizingMode.LayoutMaste to be consistent with class. This does not affect any UX code.
  • Setting LayoutMaster to null reverts to the standard box-sizing model for the element
  • Several globals were moved from LayoutAnimation into LayoutTransition to allow reuse elsewhere. This should not require any UX change as the global names have not changed. Uno change will require using the other class name LayoutAnimation.PositionLayoutChange => LayoutTransition.PositionLayoutChange.
  • ITranslationMode, IScalingMode, IResizeMode derive from ITransformMode now and have a Flags property. If you should happen to have one in your code you can simply return TransformModeFlags.None
  • New TransitionLayout action
  • New TransformOriginOffset for Translation.RelativeTo. Provides a distance, in local space, between the TransformOrigin of the source Node and the RelativeNode. It expects Element for both nodes (will use a 0,0 origin if not an element)
  • New PositionOffset for Translation.RelativeTo. Provides a distance, in local space, between the position of the two nodes.
  • New SizeFactor for `Scaling.RelativeTo". Provides the ratio in sizes between the two Element’s. This allows scaling one element to be the size of another.

Uri.Encode and Uri.Decode

  • Change Uri.Encode and Uri.Decode to treat space as %20, like RFC 2396 and the rest of the world agrees on.
  • Change Uri.Encode to not percent-encode tilde and single quotes, in accordance with RFC 2396.
  • Make Uri.Encode and Uri.Decode grok UTF-8.

Project meta data / rotation

  • Fixed issue where project metadata was not written out to target platforms. This fixes the issue some had with "Orientation" : "Portrait".

Known bugs

  • If your .unoproj contains a space, you might not be able to build for Android
  • GeoLocation can cause local preview to crash